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Every genre of music has its Queen. For rap and Reggeton is Ivy Queen. Born Martha Ivelisse Pesante on March 4, 1972, Ivy Queen has transformed the sound of reggeton and has become the leading "Diva" of the genre. Like most queens, it's not only enough to rule by right, but also by experience. Ivy quickly ascended to her throne in the reggeton "underground" movement when in 1995 she joined the popular reggeton and rap group "The Noise". She was the first woman to join this group headed by notorious DJ Negro. As part of 'The Noise' she sold half a million copies.

But it was not till 1996, when Ivy launched her solo career with the album 'En Mi Imperio'. Producers and musicians from all genres within Latin music collaborated with her on the production. Among them were Domingo Quiñones, DLG, Alex D' Castro, Cuco Peña and Sergio George, the creative force behind DLG and a great contributor to the music of the late Queen of Salsa, Celia Cruz.

In 1998, after acquiring fans throughout Puerto Rico and Latin America, Sony Discos signed the artist to their label and released 'The Original Rude Girl'. This album features the duet "In The Zone", with Wyclef Jean, founding member of 'The Fugees', broadening Ivy's artistic reach to a whole new fan base. Ivy Queen was now the reigning "Queen of Reggeton." From the United States to Mexico and Spain, from Panama to the Dominican Republic, she became the female leader and the spokesperson for woman empowerment in the genre.

In 2000 she moved to New York City, where she worked on several productions with Tommy Boy Records and Columbia Records; and landed an endorsement deal with Pepsi Co for the Mountain Dew soft drink. During 2001 through 2002 she participated on highly successful compilations like: 'Boricuas NY', 'DJ Nelson's: The Flow', 'Kilates' and 'The Majestic.' Fans have waited anxiously for the return of their reigning queen.

In 2003, Ivy Queen released "Diva", the artist's first solo effort in five years. This album embodied the soul and heart of her, showcasing her passion for her art, her womanhood and her culture.

Following the great success of "Diva", the queen of reggeton releases in 2004 a special edition for this album: "Diva Platinum Edition". In this new production the Puerto Rican Diva brings contagious rhythms and more, with her greatest hits "Papi te quiero", "Tú no puedes" and "Quiero bailar". All the tracks on the album were written and co-produced by Ivy Queen.
In The Lates 2004 The Queena Returned wit her fourth solo album "Real", reggaeton diva Ivy Queen adapts her confident, raspy vocals to a wide range of styles, including the lilting Haitian compas rhythms of "Dile" ("Tell Her"), the bhangra-flavored "Baila Asi" ("Dance Like This"), the acoustic guitar ballad "Angel Caido" ("Fallen Angel"), and "Tocame" ("Caress Me"), a spicy duet with salsa siren La India. There are plenty of hardcore, spliced-and-diced, dancehall/hip-hop beats that find Ivy laying down the rough and rugged, fast-paced raps that have made her reggaeton's queen. But it's the audacious musical explorations that make Real a surprisingly nuanced and ultimately satisfying release.








  1. Intro
  2. Muchas Vienen
  3. Cuando Escuches Reggae
  4. Interlude In The Zone
  5. In The Zone - (featuring Wyclef Jean)
  6. Uuy...Queena
  7. La Realidad - (featuring Alex D'Castro)
  8. Interlude Flash Back
  9. Flash Back
  10. King And The Queena, The - (featuring Don Chezina)
  11. Ritmo Latino - (radio version, featuring Victor Vargas/Wepamen)
  12. Sabes Que Tu
  13. Un Trono
  14. Ritmo Latino - (long version, featuring Victor Vargas/Wepaman)
  15. Brother's Radio Mix






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