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The 411 Bout Dis NiQQa

Glory La Lady Del Reggaeton La Dueña De Los Coros!
Remix & Mixes Done By Me PLus More Reggaeton
The 411 Bout Dis NiQQa
My Pics (Updated)
The King Del Reggaeton/Daddy yankee
The Queen Del Reggaeton
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A Lil Info Bout Dis NiQQa...

DiS Papi iS . . .
ReAL o

What up Mi Gente.. for those who don`t know me I`ll start with the basics my name is Juan (aka El Cangry , I`m  5'7,149lbs,Bald headed,Got Both Ears Pearcided,19 and  Yes I'm Still Young ... So I'm doin my thing and enjoying myself at the same time.. I like to party, go clubbin and dance `til the sun comes up...That doesn`t mean that I don`t have my head on straight.. I do take care business.. so I work hard and party even harder... 
More About Me
I`m from Bakerfield,  and thats me in the photo In The First Page.. I like to meet new people all the time so if you see me holla, say what up, hello or something, I won`t bite.. that is unless I have to.. haha.. I`m always looking to have fun cause you only got one life to live and you have to live it to the fullest...
(Not To be confused Wit "Hook up for sex!")
If you wanna know more just drop me an Email or Simply Hit Meh up With A Messageat:
 (Y ... Siguo al Garete pai!)
or Phone MeH  If you KNOW MY DIGITS...
(661)321 - 073...



Juan Is All About...



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